Volkswagen Borealis



Volkswagen Borealis is a 1:1 scale working prototype of dynamic interior ambience concept inspired by convertible vehicles. The project is done for Volkswagen in Stanford University in an attempt to examine user needs and experiences in the context of open top motoring. The positive aspects of these findings were then built as a working prototype in a VW GTI. The ME310 design innovation project lasted for 8 months, during which the essence of open top motoring was thoroughly inspected.
Inspired by the convertible experience, the VW Borealis condenses the characteristic sensations of open-top motoring and presents them in a harmoniously balanced manner.
Building on a foundation of ever changing vehicular and environmental inputs such as the engine RPM, vehicle speed, and surrounding colors, a dynamic visualization is generated in real time to correspond to the momentary behaviour of the vehicle.
The use of ambient effects allows for the creation of general sensations while minimizing distractions to the user. Additional effects such as peripheral motion allow more specific sensations to be reproduced while allowing driver focus to remain on the road.



Volkswagen ERL California

Stanford University, ME310 Design Innovation